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Welcome to Positive Me Please!

When creating Positive Me Please, I thought about all the amazing people around me and everything that they have gone through. I thought about my brother who lost his ability to walk at the age of 4 in the civil war in Liberia. Even though my brother lost his ability to walk at a very young age, I watched him accomplish some extraordinary things such as competing in various sports and winning multiple metals, proving so many people wrong. I thought about my family and friends that live every day with disabilities, but don't let the disability stop them. I thought about people who did not have the best upbringing such as myself but never gave up and made something out of nothing. I thought about those people whose scars are not external but internal and they continue to triumph every day. Each phrase on all products were created with each of these incredible individuals in mind! Tell us your story while staying in style!


A Change Agent

At Positive Me Please, we believe in representation and unity. Regardless of your race. culture, and appearance we want you to feel seen, empowered, and loved. We believe that words matter and have a great impact on how we move through the world. So, join the tribe and spread positive vibes!